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Secure Web Access

Today access to the World Wide Web is vital because global competition demands that companies do business on the internet. Web access is a common prerequisite for all companies to stay competitive in their respective markets because frequently more transactions are being done over the web. Web Servers are at the core of making connecting to the web possible. Thus it is important for companies to take precautionary measures to protect their internal web servers to ensure they can access the Web themselves, as well as be made accessible to their own employees, partners, and current or prospecting customers who have a desire to do business with them.

A very common way for access to the web to be interrupted is for a server to crash. Servers can crash in different
ways. They can have internal problems or they can be affected by outside influences. An example of how an outside influence can attack the server is a denial of service when the system is overloaded by more requests than it can handle. The system’s resources become tied up and typically require a manual reboot of the server.

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