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Executive Summary

The goal of any Disaster Recovery Plan is to achieve the most rapid return to an operational state possible, at the most reasonable price. Get your business processes back up and running, and do so at a reasonable cost.

Today, the most widely accepted method of getting data offsite so that it can be stored and then recovered if
necessary is to back it up to physical tape, and then move the tapes to an offsite vaulting facility. The tapes can be recalled and moved to an appropriate DR facility for restoration should the need arise.

This method of archiving and recovery is widely used and has become a standard element of almost everyone’s DR plan. But it is also fraught with problems, and in the evolving world of electronic data transmission, no longer economical or particularly effective.

The value of data, and thus the value of a rapid return to an operational state, is continually increasing. At the same time, the cost of bandwidth used to transmit information, and the cost of disk space used to store information, is continually declining. These trends have ushered in the era where moving data across bandwidth instead of by truck, and storing it on disk instead of on tape, simply makes sense.

SecureAgent Software has developed a truly secure solution; the IDG 9480®Secure Data Solution®.

For in-depth details on the IDG 9480®and all of it's modules, Click Here.




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