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Executive Summary

In today’s business environment, not having timely access to data can kill your business, so backups are essential—but on-site backups are as much in peril as the original data. And transporting tapes to off-site storage exposes them to damage, loss or theft.

The Secure Data Solution
®(SDS) helps to ensure that your data is always available, even if the original isn’t.

The SDS is an integrated hardware/software combination that allows easy data recovery at either the originating site or at a remote site. Compared to traditional tape-based backup/archiving systems, the SDS offers many benefits, including:

  • Looks just like a normal tape drive to your mainframe or midrange host system —no change in operations needed.

  • Compresses and encrypts tape images as they’re received from the host, so data is always secure.

  • Uses patented key management protocol to ensure encryption/decryption keys are never compromised.

  • Infinitely scalable as data volume increases—just add components, without disrupting operations and without loss of current investment.

  • Manage all sites securely from a single location, even one remote from main data center.

  • Eliminates or substantially reduces the cost of tapes and tape drives, including maintenance and power/cooling.

  • Eliminates transporting tapes to off-site storage sites, with possible loss or theft that results in costly liability and publicity.

  • Using an optional component, writes to physical tape at either local or remote locations. Tapes can be restored in any order; they can be loaded into stand-alone tape drives one at a time in any order, loaded into auto-loaders and restored in groups, or loaded into automatic tape libraries for automated loading.

  • Normally fits in a standard communications cabinet, using less floor space than traditional solutions. And requires less power and cooling—savings that go right to the bottom line.

  • Totally automated, so requires fewer personnel and frees up operators to perform other duties—increasing productivity and again reducing costs.

  • Helps prove compliance with government regulations by logging all tape accesses and other activity.

    Arrange a no-obligation on-site trial and see for yourself the advantages of the Secure Data Solution.



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