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Executive Summary

SecureNotes® security software enables your standard e-mail program to send protected messages and attachments by shielding them as they travel from your computer to your recipient's computer. Utilizing the patented triple-threat SecureAgent® process and acts as a virtual “armored car” for your e-mail communications.

In most business and work-related environments today, e-mail serves as the most common form of communication.    E-mail is widely and commonly used due to the fact that it is very convenient and reliable. This is true because almost all e-mail systems make use of standardized methods of presenting, storing, and delivering content. Yet, the
standardization of the inner workings of e-mail can lead to vulnerabilities such as your email being easily accessed and read by unwanted eyes.

SecureAgent Software has the solution in its product offering, SecureNotes. The SecureNotes client interfaces seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Outlook Express® so there are no adjustments the user must make. As far as the user is concerned the e-mail process remains exactly the same on the exterior, but the user doesn't
know that the interior of the process is exceptionally different. Every e-mail exchanged between SecureNotes users is encrypted! This means no one reads the sender's e-mail except for the intended recipient. Which in turn means
SecureNotes also solves the problem of phishing because a SecureNotes user can be configured to only be able to receive e-mail from another SecureNotes user eliminating mail from an unwanted external source. You can also use convenient tools within SecureNotes to setup and maintain filters, mail logs, event alarms and alerts, and even
remotely control user access and connection status.




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