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      Secure Data Solution®    


The Secure Data Solution® Contains the following components:



  • Tape Emulation Module
    Emulates any mainframe tape drive, including 3480, 3490, 3590, 3592, etc., and any FC/SCSI-attached tape drive for midrange systems, including LTO-1, -2, -3, -4; DLT, etc.

  • Compression Module
    Once data is sent to the Secure Data Solution, a virtual tape image is created. When the virtual “dismount” occurs, the data in the virtual tape volume is compressed. Compression yields results between 2 and 4 to 1.

  • Encryption Module
    After the data is compressed, it is encrypted. The standard encryption method is 128-bit AES.
    DES, Triple DES, and Blowfish are also available.

  • Library Control Module
    The LCM integrates with your on-board tape management systems and keeps track of the movement of tape volumes around the systems. The LCM ensures that any data written by any systems or LPAR can be read by any other system or LPAR. For example, UNIX data can automatically be handed to a mainframe job.

  • DASD Control Module
    The Secure Data Solution can either use internal dual RAID storage; or via FC/SCSI, any commonly supplied external disc, or DASD.

  • Tape Control Module
    Any data sets, volsers, or tape images stored on the Secure Data Solution can be efficiently stacked together and written out to physical tape cartridges. The SDS can write to FICON-attached 9840, 3590 and 3592 cartridges, and to FC/SCSI-attached drives such as LTO, DLT, and 3592.

  • Automation Control Module
    The entire Secure Data Solution is completely automated. Once rules for tape emulation, movement, and copying are invoked, the systems will continue to run with a bare minimum of human intervention.

  • Alerting Module
    The Secure Data Solution includes an intelligent monitoring system that issues alerts when it detects anomalies before they impact production and issues alerts via SNMP, e-mail, and even directly to an MCS or tape console. These alerts can be triggered based on thresholds, resource usage, bottlenecks, hardware issues, etc.

  • Remote Access Module
    Critical to any disaster recovery solution is the ability to invoke and manage it remotely. The Remote Access Module provides secure, encrypted centralized management of the system as well as secure encrypted connections.

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